About Us

Krispy2GO – Fried Chicken Revolution

K2G is an innovative Fried Chicken Concept capitalizing on the growing demand in the “Fried Chicken” segment in Pakistan and in the world.

Our vision is to revolutionize the traditional fried chicken experience into something more in line with today’s F&B trends and we have embarked on a journey to take our passion of food to the world through an innovative global brand.

We have successfully conceptualize the brand with a touch of personalized and technology enabled fried chicken experience through a scalable process at an affordable price point.

Our assumption of key success factors include:

  • Fresh and quality ingredients and a universally appealing menu.
  • Attractive and distinct branding.
  • Proprietary technology to enhance the customer experience and engagement.
  • Enablement of personalization allowing customers to make food their way.
  • Fast delivery times to provide good quality food.

The story… so far…

Fried Chicken. This haven’t changed one bit since, like forever. We’re talking the same handful of heartburn from all around the world and a million street corners in between.

We took the old fashioned street-style Fried Chicken, threw in to specially developed flavors for spices, sprinkle and sauces. We re-designed and re-crafted every part of the beloved fried chicken.

We develop our own recipe, found international and organic suppliers, created our own sauces and sourced premium ingredients you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s a FRIED CHICKEN revolution

The Concept

Universal Brand

  • Creating a brand image to make Fried Chicken ‘popular’ in the global market place through Innovative recipes, smart packaging and contemporary branding.
  • Enable international franchise opportunities by developing a brand and menu all people can relate to.

Up Scale Menu Offering

  • Distinguished menu & recipes designed by international experienced food professionals.
  • Only premium ingredients are used.
  • Wide selection of innovative sprinkles, sauces and sides.
  • Product centric approach means that all our sauces, sprinkle and bread are made from handpicked ingredients.

Technology Enhanced

  • User experience and service will be enhanced by innovative website and phone app that allows for advanced functions including personalization, loyalty programs, promotion codes etc.
  • Advanced online ordering platform linked to in-store POS, Call center and website

Quick Service Logistics

  • Operations & delivery model designed to deliver hot food within 30-45 minutes.
  • Streamlined ordering process and meal preparation workflow.
  • Ideal for time-pressured customers who want wholesome food on the go.


  • Option for pre-made vs built to taste.
  • Freedom to select from a variety of sprinklers, toppings and sauces to have the taste your way.
  • Flexibility to cater wide range of palates and moods.

Health Conscious

  • Procurement from Certified producers to stress the integrity of our ingredients.
  • Unique selection of premium and quality ingredients.